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May 27 - Roman Festival: Meet the Maestro

MSO Team

Join Maestro Mastromonaco at 7:15pm inside Rogers Theatre for a discussion on the works to be performed later in the evening....

May 27: Roman Festival - Meet the Soloists

MSO Team

Meet the talented soloists who will perform as a part of Roman Festival, our thrilling season finale!

MUSIC Director & Conductor

Denis Mastromonaco

The Mississauga Symphony Orchestra is thrilled to enter its third season under the direction of Maestro Denis Mastromonaco. Mastromonaco brings with him over 20 years of experience in conducting and teaching both symphonic and operatic groups. He has worked with orchestras nationally and internationally including New York’s Orchard Park Orchestra, Czech Republic’s West Bohemian National Orchestra, and the National Academy Orchestra of Canada.

Maestro Mastromonaco is a graduate of the University of Toronto. He studied conducting in Austria and Italy. Maestro Mastromonaco is a strong advocate for music within the community.