Background & History

The Mississauga Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1972 as the Mississauga Symphonic Association, an amateur community ensemble. Comprised of a combination of amateur musicians and professional section leaders, the MSO has earned the reputation as the best hybrid orchestra in Canada.

Based out of Hammerson Hall, a world-class theatre that is at the heart of Mississauga’s Living Arts Centre, the MSO offers entertaining and increasingly sophisticated programs from the classic and popular repertoires of symphonic music, all performed to the highest artistic standards.

The MSO has continued to serve its original mandate to provide performance opportunities and personal development to talented amateurs while it has combined the strands of excellence and education by assisting young professional performers and composers through solo performance opportunities, commissions and mentoring.

Structure & Leadership

Orchestras Mississauga, which includes the Mississauga Symphony Orchestra (MSO) and Mississauga Symphony Youth Orchestra (MSYO), is governed by a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors.  Our Board of Directors have been drawn from the local community, and from the orchestra. The Music Director, General Manager, and paid professional musicians sit Ex Officio. Both the Music Director and the General Manager also sit on the Executive Committee. Both report directly to the Board at large. The Board also includes appointed representation from City Council.


  • Her Worship Mayor Bonnie Crombie


  • Veronica Tennant, O.C., Chair
  • Ruth Kitchen
  • Ron Searle
  • John Speck


  • Marcus Cloete
  • Barbara Marcus
  • Mary Finley
  • Nancy Reid
  • Laura Wallace


  • Luis Moreno, President
  • Robert Paton, CA, Treasurer
  • Elizabeth Rutter, Secretary
  • George Brant
  • Marie Carnihan
  • Cllr. Chris Fonseca
  • Vilija Hakala
  • Trishia Kluge, Book Sale Chair
  • Pieter Kool
  • Dr. Valerie Kubazky, MSYO Co-chair
  • Teresa Lam, MSYO Co-chair
  • Damien Mangar


  • Denis Mastromonaco, Music Director & Conductor
  • Eileen Keown, Executive Director
  • Ryan Tobin, Assistant General Manager
  • Jennifer Tung, Associate Conductor MSYO and MSYO
  • Michael Curitti, Associate Conductor, MSYO Sinfonietta
  • Susan Grohmann, Administrator
  • Wendy Limbertie, Development Officer
  • Ana Trcka, Music Librarian
  • Angela Maria Sanchez-Hernandez, Intern
  • Barbara Douglas, Guest Artist Coordinator

MUSIC Director & Conductor

Denis Mastromonaco

The Mississauga Symphony Orchestra is thrilled to enter its third season under the direction of Maestro Denis Mastromonaco. Mastromonaco brings with him over 20 years of experience in conducting and teaching both symphonic and operatic groups. He has worked with orchestras nationally and internationally including New York’s Orchard Park Orchestra, Czech Republic’s West Bohemian National Orchestra, and the National Academy Orchestra of Canada.

Maestro Mastromonaco is a graduate of the University of Toronto. He studied conducting in Austria and Italy. Maestro Mastromonaco is a strong advocate for music within the community.

Executive Director

Eileen Keown

Currently the Executive Director of Orchestras Mississauga, Eileen Keown has a wide range of experience in the music profession. Ms Keown is the former General Manager and a performing member of the Chamber Music Society of Mississauga. She has been an administrator at Mount Royal University, Dean of the Royal Conservatory of Music Community Schools, General Manager of the Kiwanis Music Festival, Executive Director of the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir, and Executive Director of the Oakville Children’s Choir. Ms. Keown is a senior examiner in piano for RCM examinations in Canada and the US, and is active as a teacher, clinician, adjudicator and performer. In 2015, Eileen was awarded the Paul Harris Fellowship for community service by the Rotary Clubs of Mississauga. Ms Keown received her musical training at the University of Alberta, the Mozarteum in Salzburg, as well as a completed artist residency at the Banff Centre.

President’s Message

Luis C. Moreno

My gratitude to our audience, the Living Arts Centre, Volunteers, Orchestra Management, Music Director & Conductor, the City of Mississauga, the Musicians and the Board of Directors for their combined help in the success of the last season and making possible this coming season.  The 2015-16 season has been planned counting on the same level of collaboration and its success will be the result of all of us working together. I welcome you to a restructured program with more music to play and listen, with increased quality and with more musicians in the MSO and many more in the MSYO. Join us for the full season and bring your family and friends. Together, we make certain that symphonic music remains part of the cultural make up of Mississauga.