MSYO Springs to Life


The Mississauga Symphony Orchestra (MSO) is excited to announce the inaugural season of the Mississauga Symphony Youth Orchestra (MSYO), a newly created division of the MSO. The MSYO is divided into two ensembles: a chamber strings ensemble for youth ages 9-12, and a full symphonic orchestra for mature young adults. Thanks to the support of the Living Arts Centre (LAC), the MSYO is able to provide rehearsal and performance activities in LAC’s impressive professional facilities. All MSYO members will perform in four concerts annually. MSYO concerts will be held within LAC’s world-class RBC Theatre. Unlike most youth orchestras, the MSYO will perform original versions of popular classical repertoire; there will be absolutely no performances of simplified classics. 

The MSYO is thrilled to enter its first season under the direction of MSO Music Director and Conductor Denis Mastromonaco. Mastromonaco brings with him over 20 years of experience in conducting and teaching both symphonic and operatic groups. He has worked with orchestras nationally and internationally, including New York’s Orchard Park Orchestra, Czech Republic’s West Bohemian National Orchestra, and the National Academy Orchestra of Canada. A strong advocate for music within the community, Maestro Mastromonaco says, “It is a great pleasure to begin my first season as the Music Director of the Mississauga Symphony Youth Orchestra. The MSYO will provide some of the best learning and performance opportunities for dedicated young musicians in the G.T.A. Our members will bring to you the passion and excitement of history’s greatest symphonic music. The MSYO is organized and administered by a team of experienced, dedicated professionals who are passionate about insipiring young musicians to reach their full potential.“ 

In addition to performing original classical music under the direction of an internationally accomplished Music Director and Conductor in a world-class performing arts facility, the young musicians of the MSYO have the unique opportunity to be mentored by the professional principal core players of the MSO. The future is bright for the young classical musicians of the G.T.A. 

About the Mississauga Symphony Orchestra 
The Mississauga Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1972 as the Mississauga Symphonic Association, an amateur community ensemble. With the move to the newly opened Living Arts Centre in 1997, the organization has offered the community entertaining and increasingly sophisticated programs from the classic and popular repertoires of symphonic orchestra performed to the highest artistic standards. The MSO has continued to serve its original mandate to provide performance opportunities and personal development to talented amateurs while it has combined the strands of excellence and education by assisting young professional performers and composers through solo performance opportunities, commissions and mentoring.